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Perish Products




    1. Buy Credits on DC Site
    2. Make payment at Paypal - Remember the Email Address you entered
    3. Look for an email from to your above Email Address
    4. Verify your purchase - Click the link and follow instructions to verify your purchase
    5. New purchases are handled manually the first few times, so please be patient
Download the Buying Process PDF Here.


Step 1: The Avatar name you enter is the name the credits are delivered to.
Please do not buy for other avatars - Buy for your own avatar and gift them.
Buying from DevCredits will NOT lock your account for 7 days.

  Enter Avatar Name

  Enter Avatar Name Again
Step 2: Please Select the Credit amount you wish to purchase:
Delivery occurs after verification or required manual processing

Description Price Select
  100,000 Credits $49.29
  75,000 Credits $36.99
  50,000 Credits $24.75
  35,000 Credits $17.99
  25,000 Credits $12.69
  20,000 Credits $10.25
  15,000 Credits $7.79
  10,000 Credits $5.35
  5,000 Credits $2.95
  2,500 Credits $1.99

Sorry, Tokens are no longer available.

Step 3: Finalize and Review Order

By proceeding you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Verify your email with IMVU HERE.
As of August 5th, 2013 you must have a verified email on file with IMVU otherwise your purchase will be refunded.

After Buying at Paypal Check Your E-mail/Receipt And VERIFY your purchase.

If you do not get the email please add it to your Safe Junk Mail/Spam list. Click AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail for safe list instructions.
You can lookup your order and/or have another verification email sent HERE

Please contact us at if you run into any problems.

Avatars will only be allowed one purchase in a 24 hour period
Avatars will only be allowed two purchases in a 7 day period
All new purchases will be handled manually the first few times
Guests will be limited to 25K single purchase and 50K a week

AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail Users - please check your junk/deleted/spam folders for the verification email, these services occasionally place the verification email into these folders. Please add to your safe list, click AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail for instructions.

eCheck Payments - Please note that your credits will not be sent until the eCheck payment Clears. Once the eCheck payment has cleared you will be sent the verification email and you can claim your credits.

After your payment is completed, check your Paypal email address for a DC verification email, you will need to verify your purchase before the credits are transfered, once verified, your credits will be handled according to our filters. Occasionally a purchase will be marked as a manual transfer, once we manually review the purchase we will transfer the credits to you, usually within hours but this may take longer.

Please be sure you have permission to use the credit card you are using and keep in mind that fraud hurts us directly. We are not a nameless corporation and cannot write it off, we are real human beings trying to feed our families. So please do not commit fraud. IMVU will disable the account of anyone we provide fraud evidence too and no one wants that to happen.

Thank you for purchasing your credits from Be sure to Check out our DC partners HERE.

DevCredits LLC.
Management Team
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All Rights Reserved
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